The school is structured into 3 classes by age, however these age groups serve as a guideline only. When moving children into classes we consider how settled and confident they are and their level of independence.

Red Class. The youngest group are 2-3 years on entry, this is a small class where they can develop their confidence and independence in a smaller group and becoem familiar with the routines.
Blue Class. The next group are 3-4 years old. By this stage they will have developed a certain amount of independence and be familiar with the routines.
Yellow Class. These children are also 3-4 years old, this class is primarily aimed at those children who have already spent a year in the Blue class to enable them to feel a sense of progression.

Ofsted Report Highlights

Here are some highlights from our most recent (2016) Ofsted Report.

The quality and standards of the early years provision - Outstanding 1.

Effectiveness of the leadership and management - Outstanding 1.

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment - Outstanding 1.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare - Outstanding 1.

Outcome for children - Outstanding 1.

Partnerships with professionals, schools and settings are highly effective and well established. Cooperative working, excellent communication and information sharing help ensure that children's needs are extremely well promoted as they move between learning environments.

Children are clearly extremely happy and they cheerfully greet staff and their friends as they arrive in the setting. They form very strong emotional bonds with staff and feel safe, secure and ready to learn.

Partnerships with parents are excellent. Parents value staff highly and are very proud of the setting. They feel extremely well informed and deeply involved in their children's learning.


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